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Pelican Ice Chest Review | The Best Alternative to Yeti & Coleman

The Pelican product lineup was designed in 1976, with a guy who adored diving and realized that the demand for lasting products. Pelican ice chests are usually regarded as the simple to handle, large power springs, which drain easy. They’re significantly more expensive compared to the ordinary big box merchant cooler, however with this additional price that you get yourself a cooler which may maintain ice at 90-degree temperatures during long intervals. The larger Pelican coolers provide larger sized handles that creep out and up to empower carrying without slamming your knees from your cooler. They also are going to fold taken care of whenever you aren’t with them. All these forms of grips make take the cooler with gloves on simpler.

Here’s the final list of our best outdoor coolers…

Pelican asserts to be quite a significant cooler which is going to have the ability to handle whatever you throw its way. As a testament to the, there’s a lifetime warranty on the majority of Pelican brand knobs. This could enable you to handle the purchase price and feel secure with your buy.

Best Pelican Coolers

Here’s the number of best pelican ice chest in our opinion. We will then move to the buyer’s guide for your convenience.

Pelican Elite 70-Quart Ice Chest

That I like this cooler. I adored it that I came home and purchased that the pelican 70 that can be marginally lighter and bigger. It works better when prechill in front of vacation and obstructs ice hockey is your very best. Looking to bring some pelican ice hockey or something similar later on. The ideal thing about pelican across others will be the snap pops. If you conduct this cooler at the rear part of a 1/2 lot truck close to the tailgate, it has a hassle using a rubberized wrapped cooler to start it. The breeze latches are a significant feature of this contest. Be sure that you lock it into the vehicle to prevent somebody from stealing it.

The 70 is larger than I expected about the exterior and can be just 66qts interior but still a lot of room for your requirements. You might need to utilize two men to transport the one thing if full but works great and also that item is bombproof. The latches are perfect, but I will suggest carrying the rubber feet away from it should you’d like to deal with the issue on your own as it can not slip using it which makes it just a little hard to wrangle alone. Pre-chill the one thing, and it works terrific. Used two 20lbs bags of ice inside it for 2-4 hours before loading this up and topping off it. There is over 20lbs of ice hockey left it once I dropped it. The drain did trickle once in a while however, perhaps not owing to flow but condensation building upon the exterior it. It’s as advertised, and I will own it forever but I believe I am likely to purchase a smaller size too.

Pelican Elite 50-Quart Ice chest Cooler

This cooler can be a upgrade from the knobs. Ice within this chest lasted 34 times more than it did at the “traditional” breasts which we’d together.

I purchased it to get “bear immunity” primarily. I can view it giving a endure a challenging time as it’s assembled somewhat rocky. This build strength will ensure it is bulkier than your average cooler, using thicker side walls for the insulating material ep element.

I’ll probably upgrade one different cooler we utilize similar excellent services and products exclusively for enough commitment saved being forced to pursue ice hockey when on a week-long biking trip.

Pelican Elite 30-Quart Cooler

The very best non-low-priced cooler was available on the market. Where can I start, the structure is all around, the extremities are the actual latch, and stream like cocoa, perhaps not those dumb rubberized items on yet is along with erotic. I actually don’t despise yeti, I’ve two of the 64oz, 1 32oz and also an 18oz rambler thermos and now there brilliant. Yeti lies you. As an instance that their yeti 65 isn’t 65qt personal capacity, it has 65qt outside displacement. Additionally for yeti are far costlier compared to the Pelican makes no feel, I know why many people picked RTIC, a friend comes with 2, they are excellent but the quality isn’t close precisely the same.

Fantastic case in their ice hockey holding, moved into this Daytona500 past month, filled upon Friday night, ice hockey was fresh as may be Sunday, a friend had an inexpensive cheap cooler, full of ice at the afternoon and ice-melting by noon. I have the 65qt old style and design and 30qt fresh design. If you’re taking a look at the 20qt, I believe that the older model is way better as the newest one is therefore perpendicular. These can endure ten decades or longer consequently the investment is worth.

Pelican Elite 20-Quart Cooler

e this new over the legendary snow creature brand mainly for two reasons. To begin with, its a whole lot less costly when compared to the usual version of equal size from one flip, and next, such as the button stinks. I don t enjoy one other style using those rubberized t-shaped latches, only our pref. Can my pelican have the infamous gasket gap… It did. Can it shatter my simple fact, no? It required all of 10 minutes to pull the previous 3 inches of either side of this gasket and pull it just a small forward towards the opposing team and shove down it into the station it stays inside. Very straightforward fix.

If you’re positioned off to the notion of purchasing this cooler as a result of several reports/complaints in regards to the gasket, then I would never let this be the deciding factor regarding the reasons you wouldn’t think about this particular brand. If it seems perfect, this will be fine. However, mine and several more have not.

The grip can be very pleasant to traction; it’s a small soft or squishy rubber which seems a lot better than vinyl. The cooler will be on the side bare, however many are which have such thick insulating material and are made. I received the grey with all a green interior, love the glowing colour inside. Simple to understand precisely what you might be digging through. Find yourself having troubles with this specific thing in the future; I’ll upgrade this together with those issues. For the time being, I might purchase this when needed, and might look at buying some of these larger models later on.

Pelican Wheeled Cooler | The Best Cooler with Wheel

Wonderful cooler! This surely could maintain water and Gatorade trendy for three days at 100-degree heat by twelve people becoming init always. The hinges are metal rather than the plastic or aluminium which other businesses utilize. The freezer tier gasket seals off it nicely, enough to be airtight. The latches are extraordinarily hardy but also simple to enter.

The transport handles are extremely well orchestrated, notably the main one employed for your brakes. As shown from the film, it doesn’t move all of the ways up that will keep off the cooler of one’s insides if walking. The wheels also don’t participate before you lift it back with the grip so that it doesn’t go rolling about your vehicle or down a mountain.

Incredibly well-constructed cooler! This will most likely be the past cooler I buy, provided that it’s cleaned on an everyday basis. This item is a tank also holds a long time, despite having it has thickly coated walls. Warning, however, that insulating material includes a price; This item weighs a lot! That was having been said; it’s a well built and well-considered cooler. All the equipment is bulky responsibility also the skid feet, so it will not go at the trunk of my pickup truck. The drain can also be well orchestrated, acquiring a sloped region to drain the water out but perhaps not the ice hockey.

Pelican Elite Soft Sided Cooler

It will not require some inspection. It’s a cooler that is well-built that is. It’s promoted as twenty-four hours hockey. I froze a few water bottles and then put NO ice init on a three-day kayak/camp excursion. My beer and legumes were trendy on another day. I might advise within the cooler having fabric in a lighter colour including a top or even a towel. Black brings the heat.

Reasons Behind Choosing a Pelican Ice Chest

There some important issues that will surely influence you to buy a cooler from Pelican. Here’s what we are talking about.


Whenever you go for a Pelican cooler, then you will come across a vast array of colours in addition to sizes to select from. You will be in a position to come across a more compact cooler in 20 quarts, all of the ways till and including the massive capacity of 250 quarts. It is possible to even locate a rolling tailgate cooler for another barbeque. No matter size, you could always count on something calibre.

Retention of Ice

When you select a Pelican, that is just what you will receive. One user reported two evaluations within his Pelican cooler inspection — one done in your home and one on a real trip. Wish to know the Pelican fared?

The very first evaluation discovered the 45-quart cooler left triple-digit temperatures at a garage, enclosed parking. Following four times what the consumer found was that the ice was suspended. The evaluation was performed on a world trip that was real. In this instance the Pelican held ice to get a complete noodle excursion, THEN went back to the garage upon birth for five days.

If you’re counting, then you will notice that ice was nevertheless discovered following eight days.

It’s Durable

If you’d like a cooler to take into the playground for a couple of hours at one time, then a Pelican isn’t to you. Let us return straight back into the luxury cars example.

But if you anticipate shooting more trips and also trips to special events afterwards the luxury car is one thing you would wish to consider. Going straight back into coolers, if you’re likely to maintain extended camping, fishing or hunting trips where food has to be kept cold, or in case you require a most useful ice chest to maintain your grabs out of searching ice hockey, afterwards the Pelican should be in your list.

Even the rigours you will set a Pelican throughout in your terrain vehicle (ATV), on your car, to the ship or merely sitting on your kayak won’t violate it. And after all, after ice hockey retention, the upcoming massive thing about your cooler wish-list is durability, so isn’t it?

Dealing with Customer Satisfaction

For those who have ever had the pleasure, or displeasure, of handling customer care and guarantees of services and products which you possess, then you are aware just how hard it might sometimes be.

The customer care which may be seen together with the Pelican lineup of products is just one which we’ve enjoyed. In reality, one particular user said that it had been “Amazing customer support.”

If this is insufficient, what you will discover is a lifetime warranty, so that your purchase isn’t the one which you’ll ever need to be concerned about. And calling to investigate this won’t be a worry.

The Bottom Line

If you’re seeking lasting chargers for everyone’s demands, you then might choose to have a better look in Pelican. Matching quality, ice and durability retention with a number of the more great titles in, the warmer market, you can not fail with a Pelican.

In various sizes, also colours, you’ll make guaranteed to get the one which everyone else will cherish. Additionally, you will delight in the lifetime warranty which may be obtained with your coolers in addition to reassurance knowing that they have been stated in the united states.

If you’re merely taking a look in a cooler to save several drinks very next time you’re chilling out with pals, then a more compact cooler or maybe a cheaper one (think, e.g. Coleman) will be in order. But if your needs demand larger sizes, more ice preservation times and durability which may weather the outdoors, afterwards the Pelican can do your job.

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