Icemule Backpack Cooler Review

Compared to a traditional backpack style ice chest for the patio that holds ice hockey and keeps the beers cold, ICemule is the only brand that serves both purposes.

Okay, maybe we have to mention it is indeed a tough job to structure and design the soft backpack cooler. In the end, it is entirely unjustified to Attempt to compare conventional hard coolers into soft cooler luggage — it’s oranges to apples. Strictly contemplating cooler luggage. Afterwards, we Can confidently state Ice Mule Coolers reflect the pinnacle of tender Cooler layout, invention, structure, and performance.

IceMule Cooler – Customers’ Review

The theory was very straightforward. Devote (add food/beverage) of my pick, insert ice hockey, FOLD on the cover of the bag over a few days, then latch closed with the buckle. The one thing which wasn’t within the directions was from what level the cooler needs to be inflated really.

The very first thing I discovered was sealing and shutting that the IceMule was not easy. The 2nd thing that I found was that if I cut it, might possibly be inflated to your spot that nothing can be placed in the cooler. Without the more guidelines, I chose that overstating had in the future after completing. I fired off a message to customer service in regards to the inflation information, however, haven’t heard back from these quite yet.

The first couple of days that I used the IceMule was about excursions into town pool or just driving in the car. I’d set a couple of bottles of water from the cooler, then fill with ice cream, after that take a brief visit to work with the kiddies.

The Icemule Classic Cooler (Our Top Pick)

The IceMule Classic sexier is your original Bare Bones Design. It’s mostly a secure, watertight roll-top tote that carries comfortably and conveniently with a twisted strap; it will not always have backpack-style belts such as the Pro version.

If You’re doubtful about just how comfortable it’s to carry a heavy bag handbag that is fully laden with beverages, and snacks — avoid being. The thick insulating material on those things, together with high quality cushioned carrying strap, create hauling the tote a comparative breeze.

Each size comes in crimson, olive, or Skyblue.

As Simple since they’re, this is quite incredible how creative these things are and how they perform — as soon as you roll down the top a few occasions and buckle it together, you have a thoroughly coated, watertight bag that may keep your beverages as icy as is of the way to a destination. For reference, the IceMule Classic is said to maintain ice for 24-hours. If your outside in the warmth and sun, consider this to become like 6 8 hrs before your ice starts significantly decreasing.

Ice Retention – The Temperature Study

The one thing I could say regarding the past couple of weeks is that it was HOT. Too many days with temperatures at the 100 F scope in Texas for anybody to love being outside an entire lot.

If I had been outdoors throughout the afternoon, therefore was that the Ice Mule cooler. Together with all of the use I have been setting it I’ve developed some rather exciting feelings relating to any of it particular cooler.

The very first thing I’ve come to grips with is just how far I could carry from the cooler. There’s just a strange combination of just how now I wish to shoot along with the length of time I’ll be out that variable into every use of this Ice Mule. The longer I would like to carry and maintain cold, the shorter timeframe it’s going to do the job. In my experiments, I am convinced moving 1212 oz headphones lets me enough ice to keep all cool for approximately five hours. Less material means more ice and also a more stick.

One other thing that I cope with on every trip may be that the ice hockey. I must eliminate ice every time or I can’t fold down the top correctly. This is an apparent user difficulty as I wish to cram up to in because I could as opposed to an IceMule matter.

To sum up this, there’s just not room enough to package a great deal of material in this particular cooler. I don’t think this is a concern if I will be outside for a quick period, however, based upon your Ice Mule for 12 + hours will be about to probably lead to frustration.

It might be jammed to almost any distance while in the car. By awakening, I am filled in and forced into the available space accessible. This may make it simple to pack at the final minute. With the same path, if vacant, it’s terrific to have the ability to roll up the Ice Mule upward and wrap it from the car, again without needing on a large quantity of space.

I can carry it. It permits me to choose the Ice Mule readily whereby I do desire to go without plenty of hassle. I’ve even wrapped the Ice Mule from the yard to ensure I can swing on the riding lawn mower and then catch a cold drink from it without even quitting for too extensive.

The very last thing I genuinely like regarding the Ice Mule needs to do with my carrying on a few recent fishing trips. The initial benefit of using this onto a boat is that nobody will take a seat. While everybody is still pushing, crying, and becoming mad because the distance is at a high and some can be sitting THEIR ice torso and limiting the accessibility to cold beverages, I managed to laugh and revel in a drink whenever I desired. It just will not attract anybody in this manner and that I adored it.

Over precisely the same vein, the majority of individuals are intimidated by the way that the Ice Mule folds shut. The desired side with the fact that young kids also don’t have any idea how to close it which usually means that dad always must be sure that it’s secure after small hands have recovered their bottles of plain water.

Icemule Pro Backack Cooler Review

Even the IceMule Pro Cooler is a larger, beefed up variant of the classic that delivers several additional design attributes. In the place of one sling-style carrying strap, the Pro includes high quality, super comfortable backpack-style straps and also a cushioned, ventilated pillow for the own back — a complete prerequisite when carrying out a 20L or larger tote that is crammed at the seams with beverages and ice (in addition, it is usually better to learn hints regarding back safety).

The IceMule Guru will come in three different sizes (Enormous — 20L, x-large — 33L, and xx-large — 40L), also can be offered in three different colors (black, olive, and even a fairly candies Realtree camo).

The roll-top closed Process is Just like the Classic, as can be that the IM Air-vent™ attribute – it is reasonably astonishing just how little these items may roll.

Customers’ Opinion about Icemule Pro Backpack Chiller

Thanks to this straight back panel style, we’re happily astonished. It manages weight providing testers using the complete match of lunch and beverages long day hikes. Also if vacant it rolls upward or might be packaged into an area for simple storage. Acquiring the Ice Mule was simple. A wide-mouth roll shirt provided exemplary access and left it an easy task to receive all of your ice hockey and anything else in the cooler. It comes built with a twist port air compressor to permit one to squeeze new atmosphere out to cut back carrying size and also assist you in protecting lots, and it is a handy addition.

The Conclusion

As stated previously, the warmth of this Ice Mule is precisely what makes it shine. In reality, again and again, the simple portability of this Ice Mule is just what caused it to be popular with people. If it’s packed, throw it upon your trunk and proceed. When vacant it rolls to a tidy and little package. The single drawback testers could locate is that if perhaps not full. That the Ice Mule suffered just a little bit in carrying comfort because of a scrunched rear panel which pulled the straps to eccentric angles. This is remedied by allowing greater air to keep in the primary body of this cooler instead of releasing it throughout the valve, however that left bigger, thicker loads only a bit more unruly.

Price is just another region where the Ice Mule shines. In a non-wallet breaking $99, the Ice Mule Guru drops to a moderate budget. It’s a win all around.


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