Driftsun Cooler Review (Driftsun Vs Yeti & RTIC)

Here is a set of most of the Driftsun coolers we’ve reviewed. We have just semi-recently heard all about Driftsun’s cooler lineup but are thankful people did. Their construction and price have been intended to compete in the mid to premium-range sector. They may still be seemingly significantly costly to many people but will probably soon be considerably cheaper than the most expensive brands like Yeti and Engel. That was having been said; you may need to sacrifice some performance and endurance to delight at much more affordable rates.

Here’s the final list for the best outdoor cooler box

A bit more about Driftsun Patio Ice Chest

The very first thing we’ll mention concerning Driftsun ice cubes is their calibre astonished us. Thinking of the fact we had never been aware of these before and so they will have little to no marketing/advertising, we presumed it mightn’t be too much of an evaluation.

As it happens, however, the coolers are not half bad — and also the very best part is they indeed are cheap.

Like we mentioned at the intro, ” Driftsun produces a vast array of summer ‘adult’ shore toys they put barely any accent whatsoever in the own image or new so that respect they are the alternative of YETI who have come to be the individual picture sequences of their outdoor lifestyle.

But if matters such as image, reputation, and new names are not very important for you (or even if you like saving a great deal of money) then you could would want to think about that a Driftsun – they are roughly half the price of additional roto-molded coolers, plus so they perform pretty much, everything considered.

Editors’ Review on Driftsun Cooler for patio

In the last a few weeks there’ve been and more reviews on Amazon for several forms of Driftsun coolers, that’s what the very best proof that sentence is beginning to escape of the newest.

Reviews have proven reliable and also are incredibly positive so much — a mean of more than stars out of 5 for many different sizes. Several individuals came right out and directly contrasted their Driftsun into some YETI they possessed, and virtually all these maintained the Driftsun maintained ice equally provided that.

From the time RTIC resisted the marketplace by introducing YETI-quality prices at half of the cost, most individuals are on the watch for new, quality brands such as Driftsun that pop out from left field and gives heavily-discounted rotomolded coolers.

RTIC continues to be the number 1 brand in regards to cheap rotomolded. However, their crucial downfall is that they get back-ordered quite usually — there exists an enormous demand for these, but the majority of people do not wish to wait for three weeks later purchasing actually to receive their ice chest at the email.

This is precisely why individuals are always on the watch for brands such as Driftsun — that they don’t care precisely what logo is to the cooler, so they only need to order it and put it from the mail fast.

Ice Retention, Insulation & Construction

When a lot of folks consider ice chest with long life, the conventional juggernauts immediately spring into mind. But, Driftsun feels convinced they can take on the very best. They expect to do this through several essential building steps they’ve emulated from additional superior cooler lines.

Driftsun promotes as with two inch thick walls of insulating material. We love the thick insulating stuff as it usually means you merely lose as minimal cold atmosphere as achievable. It’s challenging enough to maintain ice suspended when coping with the lid and also the gasket. Perhaps not needing to overthink about the walls has a massive load away.

Still, another reason why we love structure is that it creates a structure that is tough. Classic assembly systems require that multiple portions of a cooler need to get attached through adhesive, heat, or even another sort of method. While an even cheaper way, it results in weak points between your plates which may also be stress risers. These connection points are the place you may see coolers fail.

From Roto-molding, you’re left with one bit that’s rough all around and does not need to take care of the stress risers that lower grade coolers fight with.

Driftsun Vs Yeti cooler ( What Experts opine!)

Whenever a brand new brand in this way arrives, the very first question would be: how accurately can this compare to YETI?

Remember there’s not any whole lot of technology that goes to building a roto-molded cooler — out any organization available which could afford to put money into a mold and the ideal substances, may produce a reasonably damn excellent cooler.

Like we mentioned at this inspection, Driftsun coolers have precisely the same integral features as a YETI: 360degree freezer gaskets, heavy duty T-bands, rubberized nonskid feet, and also the full 2″ of industrial polyurethane insulation.

And one of many significant things Driftsun ice cubes have that YETI’s usually do not, are builtin cup holders from the lid. Inside our publication, this is a total requisite, also we hardly know why anybody could assemble a cooler with them.

So far as overall quality, Driftsun coolers are beautiful, well-built ice cubes — though they aren’t 100 percent to level with YETI, which probably only boils right down to minimal differences in wall depth, or subtle technology features like just how the lid recesses into the gasket. YETI has perfected each of these tiny things through time. Therefore it is tough for different brands to compare every level.

But let us keep everything in view. Why is Driftsun fine? Yes. Can they grip ice for many days at one time? Yes. Can they have the ‘prestige’ which occurs with having a YETI (if you should be enthusiastic about such matters)? Mmm, no more.

The main point is, Driftsun can be a surprisingly well-made cooler — that they surpassed our expectations, ” no doubt. While they don’t indeed appear to get a whole lot of expertise making knobs yet, they will have designed a reasonably damn fine product tech and construction-wise. If you should be receptive to giving recent titles an attempt and you also don’t care about what the logo says in leading, (and much more to the point, if you enjoy saving a bunch of money), absolutely provide Driftsun an attempt.

If you would instead moving with the more powerful, domain on the opposite hand and also wish to get pleasure from a tried and true, reputable product, you are better off choosing the YETI.


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