Cordova Coolers Review | The oldest patio ice chest of USA

Cordova coolers are well-known patio ice chest. Due to its inherent solid construction & strong customer base – the cooler box has been competing in this hyper-competitive outdoor ice chest market.

At the time of ancient 2017, Cordova is among those brand new entries into the premium rotomolded cooler market — and I do they understand just how to create an entry.

They genuinely are now marketing their 100% USA produced by as with the very best ice preservation on the planet, and we have to say what have some pretty snazzy traces and also legit-looking capabilities that merely could have a number of those large style titles trembling in their boots chances are.

But for the recollection Cordova has become the sole ‘YETI-style’ new to have emerged with a cooler that is costlier than YETI themselves — yes that is correct, more high priced.

How we guess, they are either stark-raving crazy, or they are convinced they have a hell of a commodity in their hands on.

About Design & Constructions

The initial thing we noticed after looking into our very first Cordova Cooler (that 1, to be precise) was why these folks spared no expense at all in structure.

With the majority of brands that you can pretty much always get some tiny detail at which the organization’s cut off a corner or two to spare costs, while it’s in the form of inexpensive zinc hardware or even feeble Poly-Ethylene skin layers.

Perhaps not right for this specific brand. Everything from the die-cut aluminum grips into the anodized drain plug speaks volumes in just what the provider is aiming to reach — to make the best possible, most lasting rotomolded performance cooler available on the market. (Prices be damned(seemingly).

One thing which you will notice instantly is your rigidity and endurance of this side walls.

Until this aspect, Orion Coolers had probably the best-quality walls we had seen to some rotomolded. Nonetheless, it sounds Cordova would be providing them with a fantastic run for their money, for sure.

Best Ice chests from Cordova Coolers

This is the best outdoor cooler box from the cordova coolers. This chiller comes in extra-ordinary insulation & safeguards for the maximum ice retention. It also has premium locking facility that always protects your hands and finger from unexpected shutdown of the lid. The aluminum double handle ensures better ease of carrying and inherent bottle opener adds an extra edge of happiness.

Benefits of having a Cordova Cooler

Indeed one of the primary reasons people love this cooler is they’re created in the USA and backed with a warranty that surpasses nearly the rest of the coolers out there. Many such as it includes a divider so that one side may be utilized for drinks along with the flip hand for snacks. All of Cordova coolers rest well at the back of a vehicle or onto a boat without slip round as a result of its premium excellent rubber feet.

Features of Cordova patio ice chest

That is their most significant/best design invention, and that is something we’ve never seen previously.

The handle assembly has been assembled into the one-piece sexier body, along with also the entire assembly only screams quality and endurance.

Oh and as well as they will have managed to machine integrated jar openers into the grips themselves. Pretty awesome stuff.

Again, caliber, quality. On additional luxury coolers, the non-skid feet tend to stand out a little from the cooler underside, exposing them to greater heaps and leaving them more prone to breaking.

By what we’ve seen thus far, the seal about those Cordova’s is more advanced than YETI. It has got four grooves molded to the brightly, one-piece rubber gasket which fit directly to corresponding slots over the warmer body, developing a bomb-proof negative pressure seal.

Cordova in comparison to Yeti

Therefore just how can these new guys stand-up head-to-head with all the almighty YETI giants?

We are going to sound look at some critical elements, also provide our opinion what brand we all presume is superior.

Preliminary reviews and performance woes possess the Cordova’s seeming very, very impressive and superior to this YETI in most respects, but remember the simple fact that they indeed are more high priced, and also a few folks will most likely be somewhat reluctant to drop more money to a fresh brand, than they ever want a successful name such as YETI.

But depending on their calibre with all the budding names they have backing them we do not imagine it will likely be long at all before Cordova gets super-popular amongst the outdoor audience.

And if they do, then they have that lifetime warranty to back up you.

In case you prefer moving with the recognized, safer, more tried and true possibilities, yet, then, by all means, stay to all the titles as mentioned earlier such as YETI, then Engel, along with Pelican Coolers.



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    FYI. Cordova Coolers pricing has been changed and they are anywhere from $50 to $200 lower priced than the competition.

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      Hello Casey…

      Thanks for the valuable information.. can you mention some extraordinary features of Cordova coolers that help to stand out of the others???

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